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Honey tips

AKA 꿀팁 "ggul teep", a Korean expression meaning the "Good tip." A complete list of every product, brand, productivity hack, software, service, and random thing that I feel can be helpful to you.


Some of these are affiliate links so I do get a small commission if you purchase through the link, so thanks for helping out!

My favorite credit cards

bilt card.png

The only credit card that allows you to pay for rent for points and without a fee!

reserve vs preferred 2.jpeg

My go-to credit card for all things travel. If you can't do the Reserve, starting with the Sapphire is a great idea as well

Freedom flex vs unlimited_edited.jpg

The Freedom Flex is a great starter card for someone who's trying to build up credit. The Unlimited is what I use for all my miscellaneous purchases

amex gold 2.jpeg

The best card for eating-out (4X points) and groceries (also 4X).

what i wear


These are my favorite sneakers not only because I can wear them with anything but because they're so comfortable, even with my knee pain. Use code park20% for 20% OFF


Now I can stay comfortable without sacrificing style or looking too casual. Use my code: PARK20 for 20% OFF

Staying fit


Everything I take to maintain my body without sacrificing taste 

productivity hacks


Books that have been pivotal in shaping the way that I approach life


Excel, but it looks sexier, it's easier to organize, and makes me feel more accomplished

Real Estate

Screenshot 2023-08-03 at 6.08.13 PM.png

A procurement platform for commercial real estate helping managers and CRE developers find the best vendors. Email me for the intro


IW image.jpeg

This is just so my aesthetic. Simple yet gives off bougie vibes. Link above or use code apark15

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