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Carving Out a Different Path

After graduating from Georgia Tech, I caught the travel bug which led me to 27 different and amazing countries. Some of the best times in my life for sure. Japan and Indonesia are at the top of my list. 

Once I returned to reality, I had the chance to fulfill my dream of living in New York working as a consultant. I very quickly realized that the next 2 years would be both difficult and necessary.  

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It wasn't until I returned with my wife to NYC in 2021 that I made the transition into real estate. The choice didn't seem feel like destiny, but my journey since then absolutely has. Real estate challenged me to be uncomfortable. It motivated me to be strategic, and it allowed me to be creative. Shortly after starting real estate, I launched my various social platforms and began to amass an incredible audience of people that I am truly grateful for. 


As I continue to grow as an agent, I'm venturing into marketing advisory services (where I can finally put my consulting experience to work 😂) and doubling down on content and the overall brand. 

Whether you're a potential client, a fellow agent who needs some marketing assistance, or a brand that wants to collaborate, I so look forward to connecting with you. 

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