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My Top 5 Credit Cards

All the cards I have in my wallet to maximize points and travel for less

My Top 5 Credit Cards

The only credit card that allows you to pay for rent for points and without a fee!

Chase Sapphire Reserve
My go-to credit card for all things travel. If you can't do the Reserve, starting with the Sapphire is a great idea as well

Chase Freedom unlimited
The Freedom Flex is a great starter card for someone who's trying to build up credit. The Unlimited is what I use for all my miscellaneous purchases

Chase ink business unlimited
Great for the huge sign up bonus ($900). At 1.5% cash back, it's perfect for non food and travel expenses, especially if you don't have the Freedom Unlimited

American Express Gold
The best card for eating-out (4X points) and groceries (also 4X).

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