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Why I'm Starting a Newsletter with 900,000 Followers

Updated: May 11

A behind the scenes look at the practicals of real estate, content, sponsorships, and life in the city

Sharing What I Can’t Convey on Social

From an outside perspective, what I do can seem both fascinating and confusing. Is he an agent? Does he create content? Does he even work?

“Yes, I do…”

So whether it’s cranking through a deal, enjoying free food, or building content, this is where we start getting REAL transparent about my take on the market, how I got into the business, when my content started making money, and so much more.

1. There’s No Such Thing as Being Too Authentic

Fake doesn’t get past you, my clients, or my wife. I do enough small-talk “out there,” so I’m here to build relationships, provide value, and maybe even encourage one or two of you with my journey.

2. This is for You if…

  • You think NYC is one of the best cities in the world

  • You’ve been following me on Instagram or Tiktok

  • You’re looking for an agent to work with, register here

  • You want a personal take on the NYC real estate market

  • You’re trying to build a brand around your business

  • You’re an aspiring real estate agent in NYC

  • You want access to off-market deal flow

  • You want to be invited for future events I host

  • You want to advertise your off-market properties

  • You want to know the secret to getting free omakase P.S. that’s why I started content in the first place but more on that later Our First Ever Sponsored Omakase in NYC

Our First Ever Sponsored Omakase in NYC

3. I’m Committed

This is the 6th time I’ve thought about starting a newsletter, the third time I’ve written a post, but the first time I’m actually excited about the content. Because it’s genuinely me.

Help me hit 500 subscribers so we can get started!

Subscribe and follow my journey here!

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